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Benefits of Glow Stones for Walkways

Posted by Susan on

If your property is darker than you’d like it to be, especially around the walkways, and you’d like to make it safer in a creative manner, glow stones may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

There are numerous benefits of glow stones, including:

Add Safety Lighting to Paths

Glow stones for walkways are a great way to add lighting to pathways. If you have walkways and sidewalks on your property, it can be difficult to keep them well lit, or the area around them well lit, to avoid tripping in the dark. However, when you use glow stones on the pathways themselves, they light up after a day in the sun. This means that the walkway itself becomes clearly lit and easy to see after the sun goes down, limiting the chance of an accident.

Save Energy with Solar
Installing glow stones for walkways will also help you save on your energy bills. Even if you run outdoor lights on a motion sensor, they’ll still utilize electricity to keep the area around your home brightly lit. Glow stones light only the area that you need to see, and use solar power, so there’s no increase to your energy bill. Once you’ve installed them, they will charge each day and light up each night, with no additional electricity expense necessary.

Waterproof Lighting

If you live in an area where storms are often severe, it can be difficult to see your lights when it’s raining. You may even find that they’re damaged by ongoing rainstorms, or that the electrical wiring eventually corrodes. Glow stones, on the other hand, are waterproof and do not need electricity to work, providing clear lighting exactly where it’s needed. You can light up your pathways to and from your home, around your garage, or light the area around your pool – all without worrying about water damage to the stones.

Highly Efficient Light Precisely Where You Need It

Glow stones are easy to install and can be placed precisely where you need additional solar lighting. Whether you’d prefer to light up a dark corner of your yard, want an entire walkway made of glow stone, or would prefer to use them as a decorative effect between garden stones, they make a great addition to your property. Instead of worrying about lights that are too bright, use up a lot of electricity, and still don’t hit quite where you’d like them to, you can add a few decorative stones to dimly lit areas and dramatically boost the visibility and safety on your property. Solar lighting is easy to install and brightens up dark corners of your lawn quickly and easily.

When you’re ready to switch to an eco-friendly lighting source for the pathways on your property, consider adding glow stones. These unique decorative stones can light up pathways and flowerbeds with solar energy, targeted to very specific areas. Enjoy being creative and adding safety lighting exactly where it’s needed. The stones are easy to install and add a beautiful glowing effect to your property.